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Creemore Functional Mini Cupola for Sheds 12"


Creemore Functional Cupola 12 Inch for Sheds

This is a nicely detailed 12" by 12" Functional Cupola with three vent slats per side. It's a scaled down version of our very popular 18" New Century Cupola.

This cupola is a beautiful accent to any smaller structure like a garden shed  up to 12 feet in roof width. Now you can afford to add a cupola to any shed, workshop, garage or outbuilding!

This functional model is simply attached to the specific roof profile you have and no roof holes are required, however you can add vent holes if desired, as outlined in the installation instructions.

This cupola is the smallest we make however it has a wide base as well as a steep roof base so that it can be mounted on any roof slope up to a 12/12 pitch.

It is designed in two sections so that the base can be easily attached to the roof of your structure and then capped with the upper section. All Cupola Kits require only about an hour to assemble and include full instructions on how to install them on your specific roof slope. These Cupolas also come with cross bracing internally in case you wish to add a weathervane.

This Cupola is shipped as shown in the picture without a prime coat.You can match the cover of the roof of the structure or clad them in prefinished metal or copper for a striking and dramatic look.

Cupolas are packaged in 100% recycled materials to help our environment too.


Happy Building!

  • Model: 99112

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