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Rectangular Cupolas

Although the majority of property owners will purchase and install a square cupola, a smaller group will consider our six and eight sided versions. These models are designed with equal length sides and are essentially symmetrical at all angles.

Rectangular cupolas however can offer new possibilities to building design and work well with classic gable and hip roof structures. A rectangular cupola offers a greater profile when viewed along its extended sides and is typically installed in line with the ridge line of the main roof.

Rectangular Cupolas can be installed as shown along the ridge line.  This is the traditional configuation for a rectangular cupola installation.

Rectangular cupolas can also be installed across the ridge line and thus opens more design possibilities than conventional symmetrical models.

Rectangular cupolas also offer larger windows on their long side and enhanced ventilation when designed as a functional slat model. Rectangular cupolas look great capping the ridge line of a hip roof shed such as a pool cabana or garage. Unlike a standard cupola, a rectangular cupola can be enhanced with two or three finials, adding a new level of detail to your structure.

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